Central Dakota Children's Choir
Registration for 2nd & 3rd Grade Concert Series

Bel Canto and CDCC invite you and your class to view our Virtual Educational Concert Series!

For many years, Teri Fay, CDCC's Artistic Director, has created an educational concert series specifically for elementary students. These concerts have been presented free of charge and all area 2nd & 3rd grade classes were invited to attend. We are extremely disappointed that we were not able to present these concerts last year and that we are unable to meet in-person this year. As you well know, nothing can replace the experience of a live performance; however, we are excited to offer this year's Elementary Education Concert in a digital format!

The concert will be pre-recorded and emailed to all area 2nd & 3rd Grade Teachers and Music Teachers the week of April 19th.

If you do not receive the link and would like to share it with your students, please email us at www.aboutcdcc.org.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or difficulties, please don't hesitate to call us at the choir office, 258-6516, or email us.

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